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About us

Without any doubt, experience is very important in company or private investigation Thanks to our yearlong experience in different matters, it is safe to say that we are specialists.

Because we keep specializing in well-considerably handling every new assignment and doing this with the emphasis on efficiency, discretion and a swift approach and moreover booking positive results, today many different companies seek our services on a regular base.

Especially tracking down and advising in the field of anti-imitation and protecting data on portable data storage devices and investigating the devices themselves become more and more popular. Because we keep learning and adapting us to new possibilities, applications and tricks, we keep alert at every threat and can give the appropriate solution.

The price is certainly right, because the kind of problems we tackle, cost more in the long term, but more and more also in the short term – a lot more than the investment you make.

A bureau of investigation can sometimes expose a lot of confronting information. But then also it is clear that it is better to be informed of what is going wrong and being able to protect you against it than an intangible sword of Damocles hanging over your head.

You can count on us. We are there for you, assisting you by word and deed and with confidence.

We only like the real stuff